The shopping center car park dilemma

You have your pride and joy it might be new, new to you and you  just want to look after it so she is looking good you keep it washed and polished and serviced every 6 month . You have to go to the shops. Tell me if I am wrong, have car got bigger or the car bays got smaller at shopping centers? So its a fine sunny day I am in a good mood driving to the shops with the family the radio going ever thing is good UNTILL we turn into the car park, were do I park?

My first instinct is try my luck right up the front near the entrance to the shopping center, but than that voice in the back of my head saying if you park here there will be problems, there is a vacant spot  shopping trolleys every where, park up the back by yourself no other cars around, what is a little walk I need the excises anyway.

So I do the sensible thing and listen to my wife and park up back, by our self’s. Happy days walking around the shops knowing my car is parked up safe and sound, a bigger smile comes across my face  shopping has finished and back to my pride and joy walking back to the car and to our HORROR there is a extra 2 cars parked out back with us, spare car parks everywhere and where did they decide to park, You are right the 2 bays both side of my car Whats with that.

Two questions,

*Why do people have to park right next to you if the car park is empty?

*And why every time I go to a shopping center I come out with new dents? Next time I will take the workshop Ute.


Some fun Motoring facts


  1. 90% of car owner admit to singing while behind the wheel and louder by themselves
  2. Taxis have been operational in London since 1636, there was 50 taxis servicing the city
  3. The longest highway in the world is the Pan-American Highway, which stretches from Alaska to Chile with a distance of 25,800 km
  4. The car air bags moves at a rate of 7242 km/h when deployed.
  5. And to all the lovers of Italians cars Enzo Ferrari what cars does he drive??? I bet you get it wrong

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Well until next time

Darren the Blogger