Perth Drivers

Well the Christmas break is over, and after a busy December the workshop closed for 2 weeks and a well earned holiday for me and the staff. Our  family take the opportunity to go on a holiday so this year the destination of choice was Vietnam.

After a long flight we arrived at Ho Chi Minh city at night, as we got into the taxi to go to the hotel, I was surprised with the amount of traffic, motor bikes everywhere. Bumper to bumper and max speed was about 20 km/h, cars, motor bike, trucks and buses tooting there horns and forcing there way down the 3 lane road, that they have made it into a 5 lane highway, how many near misses in the 1.5 hour drive to the hotel and not once did I see any body get angry or try and cut any body off everybody gave way to each other and we all made it safe and sound. After a great holiday and I would recommend Vietnam to anybody, we returned to Perth.

We landed back in Perth it was about 5.30 in the morning we jumped into a cab and left the airport, There was very little traffic on the road being so early but to my amazement there was a new Mini driving the same way as us, they clipped the curb with their tyres and was swerving down Tonkin highway doing about 70km at best, the taxi drive was holding back so he didn’t get hit and than took his chance and over took the Mini. As we pass we a all looked to see what was going on Drunk? Maybe but the driver was happy texting way on her phone.

So that got me think how do their road system works so well and back here in Perth we have less traffic on the road the road are 100% better and wider. Is it just a attitude thing do Perth drives think the work revolve around them, why do some people have to be first to the traffic lights? Why are Perth drives not courteous to each other? We can learn allot from our travels and people and drivers.



  1. There is over 18 million motor bikes in Vietnam in 2006 and growing at 2 million a year so that would make it about 37 million motor bikes
  2. In 1990 there were about 500,0000 vehicle on the road in Vietnam. In 2004 there is estimated to be around 14 million.
  3. There is only 2 million cars
  4. The tax on buying a car in Vietnam is 200%
  5. You can drive a motor bike under 50cc at 16 and above if the motor bike is over 50 cc than you have to be 18 years