Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engines: Which One is For You?

In recent years, diesel engines have had somewhat of an image ‘makeover’. They have gone from being known as dirty, smelly, truck engines to a now very popular choice in new cars. So, what is the better option? Should you make the switch from petrol to diesel?

Since its renewed popularity, diesel engines are now as quiet, if not quieter than petrol engines. They are more fuel efficient and economical than ever before while still retaining their power and grunt. Diesel engines, almost all of which are turbocharged in modern cars, also offer more torque (pulling power).

Diesel engines are more efficient and use 15−20% less fuel than petrol engines and the cars tend to have a slightly higher resale value. One of the biggest benefits of the new diesel-powered cars is that they emit lower CO2 emissions meaning diesel drivers are rewarded with lower tax bands than petrol owners.

While diesel engines have many benefits, there are still some cons that need to be weighed up. While diesel fuel has historically been cheaper than petrol, the price has been steadily rising in conjunction with its popularity and projections tell us that the price will continue to rise as the demand gets higher.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the cost of maintenance.Because diesel engines are more technologically advanced than petrol engines, if you neglect the maintenance and the fuel injection system breaks down, you may have to pay a diesel mechanic more money to get things fixed.

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