Maintain Your Fleet With Quality Tyres

Autorite offers a variety of quality Tyres. We have listed some of them below, however do pop into our service centre or give us a call for our full range. Contact us today for a competitive quote.


GT Radial is one of the world’s most modern tyre manufacturing plants in the world, and is fourteenth largest producer of tyres worldwide.GT Radial produces approximately 30 million tyres every year, about four times the total number of tyres sold in Australia. Its tyres are available in more than 80 countries worldwide.


United States based Eldorado Tyres offers a full line of high quality passenger tyres, including premium all season radials, a collection of high performance tyres, and an extensive up-to-date line of light truck tyres. In addition, Eldorado has a commercial light truck line and a medium truck line of radials.   Eldorado Tyres have sold over 25 Million Tyres worldwide.