General Car Servicing & Repair

At Autorite we offer manufacturers hand book service so you don’t lose your new car warranty.

Minor service

Let Autorite in Perth assist you with your 10,000km minor service to make sure your car, no matter the make or model, is running at its best. Regular minor services will save you money in the long run as issues can be picked up before they become costly and inconvenient. We will provide you with a full report and won’t perform any costly repairs without your prior consent. No surprises when you come to pick your car up from our service center in Perth.

Our Minor Service includes:

    • drain engine oil and replace oil filter refill oil
    • check under bonnet fluid levels and top up if needed
    • check drive belts engine mounts and for oil leaks
    • removed air filter check and clean
    • check radiator cooling system and hoses
    • check all lights, wipers, washers
    • check front and rear brake
    • check steering, suspension and underbody components
    • check exhaust system for leaks, alignment and condition
    • check tyre pressures including spare
    • road test vehicle

Major Service

Having major work done to your car can be a major headache! Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience in the past where you’re not sure what’s necessary and what’s not, or maybe you are worried your mechanic is just trying to get more money out of you. At Autorite, our commitment to customer service is built on 30 years in the trade. We understand the anxiety of costly repairs to your car. Major services can vary, which means prices will also vary.

Generally, a major service might include:

  • drain engine oil and renew oil and oil filter
  • check under bonnet fluid levels and top up if needed
  • check drive belts, engine mounts and for oil leaks
  • removed air filter check and clean
  • check radiator cooling system and hose
  • check all lights wipers washers etc
  • check front and rear brake
  • adjust rear brakes and hand brake if needed
  • check steering, suspension and under body components
  • check exhaust system for leaks, alignment and condition
  • check tyre pressure includes spare
  • carry out base electronic engine tune
  • replace spark plugs ( platinum plugs extra)
  • check high tension leads
  • replace ignition points if needed
  • check and adjust ignition timing base idle and fuel mixtures
  • road test vehicle

Cooling System Service

Did you know that the Cooling maintains the desired vehicle operating temperature by circulating antifreeze/coolant through the engine where heat is generated, and carrying it to the radiator to be cooled? A regular service of this system will prevent costly repairs to your engine.

Autorite’s cooling system service includes:

  • pressure test cooling system
  • drain engine coolant
  • reverse flush radiator heater core and engine block
  • inspection of cooling system hose drive belt and radiator cap
  • refill coolant with premium coolant
  • run engine so thermostat opens and radiator fan operate if apply
  • re pressure test cooling system

Fuel Injectors Service

To make sure your vehicle has the optimum fuel consumption and performance, having your fuel injector cleaned and serviced is ideal – plus, it means your emissions will also be lower!

Book this service for:

  • back flush fuel rail
  • connect on vehicle carbon clean machine to fuel system
  • clean fuel injectors
  • refit and recheck for leaks

Off vehicle injector clean

Thanks to Autorite’s experienced auto technicians, we’re able to provide off-vehicle reconditioning which is the most thorough and cost effective method for our customers. Ultrasonic baths make sure even the most clogged injectors are often able to be restored for less than the cost of purchasing a new injector. We’re also able to perform flow tests against the factory specifications of your injector using spray patterns – if your injector is within these specifications it’s an indication it will perform properly when put back into your vehicle!

Automatic Transmission Service

If you have an automatic car, servicing and flushing the transmission at least once every two years is important to maintain a smooth-running vehicle. Due to its composition and the type of work it has to perform, the efficacy of automatic transmission fluid breaks down over time – even if the vehicle only does low kilometres.

Autorite’s Automatic transmission service includes:

  • drain auto trans oil
  • remove auto trans sump
  • clean sump and replace filter
  • clean oil cooler and lines
  • refit pan with new gasket
  • refill trans oil
  • road test vehicle

Electronic Engine Tune Ups

Cars with electronic engines require service and maintenance just as any other vehicle might!

Come to autorite for your electronic engine tune up, including:

  • carrying out electronic engine tune up
  • replacing spark plugs (platinum plugs extra)
  • replacing ignition points if needed
  • checking distributor cap high tension leads and rotor button
  • checking primary and secondary ignition pattern on tune machine
  • checking mixtures on 4 gas c/o machine

Brakes Services

Your car’s brakes are crucial to the safety of you, your family and other road users. When was the last time you had your brakes tested?

If you want to check the state of your brakes or require a service, contact Autorite for:

  • replacing front brake pads
  • disc and drum machining
  • replacing brake shoes
  • wheel cylinders
  • flushing and bleeding brake fluid


Has your clutch functioning changed over time? Perhaps it’s hard to get into gear, there isn’t as much ‘grab’ as there used to be or it keep slipping while driving? Autorite can set you right!

Our Clutch services include:

  • supply and fit clutch kits
  • clutch master and slave cylinders
  • clutch fluid flushing
  • clutch adjusting

Wheel Balancing

Is your steering wheel vibrating? Tyres unusually noisy? Your wheels may be out of balance, which happens when one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. A wheel balance from Autorite increases performance and safety as well as extending the life of your tyres, preventing accelerated wear of shock absorbers, suspension and other components.

What’s involved:

  • remove road wheels
  • fitting to wheel balancer
  • carry out wheel balance with new weights if needed
  • refitted to vehicle

Wheel Bearing Service

The wheel bearings in your vehicle have the important job of sharing its weight but must also maintain perfect radial alignment with the axle. Otherwise, a domino effect occurs with the rotor pushing the caliper pistons into their bores which then drags against the pads.

Let Autorite service your wheel bearings, including:

  • removing road wheels
  • removing wheel bearing hubs
  • cleaning and inspecting all components
  • refilling with new grease reassembling and adjusting
  • new seals if needed (seal extra cost)