What Does a Minor Service Include & why is it so Important

Car services can generally be divided up into two category types: there are the minor services and there are the major services. Major services are typically performed every thirty to forty-five thousand kilometres while minor services are generally conducted every ten to fifteen thousand kilometres: this is, however, dependent on your vehicle’s make and model manufacturer

In essence, minor car services are generally rather fast and typically conducted quickly: taking as little as an hour and a half, these particular car services generally only include the changing out of both oil and oil filters, in addition to a few other minor tasks and inspections that need to be performed. As their name implies, they lie in stark contrast to the more costly and comprehensive procedures that require additional time as a core component of a major car service. Despite that fact that these two services may differ greatly on the base of your vehicle’s make and model, the importance of regularly scheduled minor servicing cannot be understated: they are integral to maintaining the consistently safe and optimal functioning of any given vehicle. Extensive mechanical repairs are often needed when the time arises and expert brake services should often be undertaken. However, minor car services ensure your ride is as smooth, safe, and efficient as possible.

For the most basic models in the most competitive areas, prices of a minor servicing in Perth start from as little as $140 and cover a wide array of components including:

  • Oil and oil filter replacement
  • Belt and hose inspection
  • Brake services and brake fluid checks
  • Topping up fluids
  • Air conditioning operation checks
  • Cooling system tests
  • Comprehensive checks of battery, exhaust, steering, suspension and transmission systems
  • Thorough light and tyre inspections
  • Checking both windscreen wipers and washers, in addition to both air and fuel filters