Brake Repairs

When it comes to brake repairs, our Perth mechanics take their job very seriously. We know that your brakes are the single most important safety feature on your car because without good brakes, your vehicle can become a ‘death trap’. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to stop suddenly, your brakes need to be in peak condition so always make you stay on top of your brake repairs to give you have complete peace of mind whilst you are on the road.

If you notice your brakes are squealing, the brake pedal has little resistance to pressure, your break system warning light is flashing, your steering column shudders or the car is pulling to one side when you brake, these are all signs that your brakes are in urgent need of repair. In some circumstances however, brakes can be worn or in need of repair and you may not notice any symptoms whatsoever – until you need to brake quickly. So, don’t leave it too late to get them checked out and repaired if necessary.

At Autorite, we take a great deal of care when working on our customers brakes as we do with all our mechanical work. Our team understands the importance of delivering high quality services to our customers and that safety is most important. We get a great deal of job satisfaction in our work, knowing that you and your vehicle is as safe as we can make it. Our mechanics are fully trained and qualified to work on your car and we are always striving to deliver a great service, in a timely manner and at completely affordable prices.

We do services and brake repairs in and around the Perth district, so if your car is due for a service or if you need to have the brakes checked, don’t hesitate to call us and book it in.

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