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Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engines: Which One is For You?

In recent years, diesel engines have had somewhat of an image ‘makeover’. They have gone from being known as dirty, smelly, truck engines to a now very popular choice in new cars. So, what is the better option? Should you make the switch from petrol to diesel? Since its renewed popularity, diesel engines are now […]

What Does a Minor Service Include & why is it so Important

Car services can generally be divided up into two category types: there are the minor services and there are the major services. Major services are typically performed every thirty to forty-five thousand kilometres while minor services are generally conducted every ten to fifteen thousand kilometres: this is, however, dependent on your vehicle’s make and model […]

Tips on Choosing the Right Mechanic for you and your Vehicle

Though it’s important to get good value for money, when it comes to servicing your car, choosing the right mechanic is of vital importance. Finding a good and reputable mechanic should be your primary focus. However, with hundreds of car mechanics to choose from, making the ideal decision isn’t always easy: here are some simple […]

The Safety Implications of Not Having your Car Regularly Serviced

It can be incredibly tempting to put off servicing your car – especially when budgets are tight and time is short. In fact, many Perth motorists believe that stretching the time between services is not much of a big deal; that they will get around to it eventually. But what does it actually mean to […]

How Regularly Servicing Your Vehicle Can Improve your Resale Value

When it comes to improving your vehicle’s resale value, there are a whole host of different ways in which to maximise the money you have already spent, in addition to capitalising on any potential profit coming your way – should you decide to sell! Perhaps the one most valuable and important method of achieving this […]

Don’t Prolong Car Repairs – It Could Cause Even More Problems

When it comes time to repairing your car, it might be tempting to put these services off – especially if your car isn’t majorly damaged or in need of significant repairs or mechanical overhauls. This temptation rises even further once you take into account how expensive and costly car repairs can be – not to […]