Unrivalled Automatic Transmission Service

The transmission is one of the most prominent components of an automatic car, responsible for the effortless changes in gear and the vehicle’s ability to manoeuvre. The transmission transfers the output of an engine to the wheels that drive the vehicle. Thus without it the car cannot function.


The Importance of Regular Auto Transmission Services.

All experienced car mechanics, like Automate Service Centre in Perth, are adamant that servicing and flushing the transmission should be done at a bare minimum once every two years to guarantee a smooth-running vehicle. The transmission contains a cooling and lubricative fluid, designed to enable constant gear changes, reduce wear and tear and prevent the car from overheating. However, overtime, the fluid can breakdown or become contaminated with impurities, leading to a loss of acceleration, difficulty in manoeuvring or even complete engine failure. As a consequence, the driver and passengers’ safety are compromised. Regular fluid replacement cleans the transmission, removing excess debris or metal shavings that have built up in the transmission, prolonging the life of your car and reducing the likelihood of having to pay an exorbitant transmission repair bill or even having to have a new transmission.


Our Unbeatable Service.

Autorite Service Centre provides one of the finest car and transmission services in Perth CBD. We can conveniently service your transmission while we service your car, ensuring that you and your family leave us with a reliable and fully-serviced vehicle. Our services include:

  • draining of auto trans oil
  • removal of auto trans sump
  • cleaning of sump and replacing of filter
  • cleaning of oil cooler and lines
  • refitting of pan with new gasket
  • refilling of trans oil
  • road testing of vehicle


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