Wheel Balancing & Alignment In Perth

Sometimes seemingly small problems with your car can creep in unnoticed, but do a lot of damage over time. If your steering wheel seems to vibrate more than it used to for the road surface, or if the tyres seem to be noisier than usual, you can suspect that the wheels are out of balance. We offer wheel balancing services in and around Perth; such services can save your car from developing many other costly problems, such as wear on the tyre tread, shock absorbers and suspension. Wheels can become unbalanced simply by hitting a bad pothole. Luckily, the problem can be fixed relatively easily. We will take your car wheels off and check them for correct balance on our wheel balancer. If there is a problem, restoring balance is done by adding new weights where needed.

You will certainly notice the difference when you drive your car after having the wheels rebalanced. It will be much more pleasant and easier to steer once the wheels are correctly balanced. Our wheel mechanics are fully trained professionals and will ensure that your wheels are not causing any problems. Contact us today for a wheel balancing check. We’ll be happy to help you.