Brake Repairs

When it comes to brake repairs, our Perth mechanics take their job very seriously. They know that without good brakes your vehicle simply becomes a death trap. We take a great deal of care with the brakes of our customers cars – and with all the other work we do on them. There is a good deal of job satisfaction in knowing that you and your vehicle are as safe as we can make them. Our mechanics are fully trained and qualified to work on your car and ensure it is as safe as possible. We do services and brake repair in and around the Perth district, so if your car is due for a service or if you need to have the brakes checked, don’t hesitate to call us and book it in.

Brakes squealing, the brake pedal having little resistance to pressure or the car pulling to one side when you brake are all signs that your brakes are in urgent need of repair. However, brakes can be worn or need repair and there may not be any symptoms – until you need to brake quickly. Don’t find out too late that your brakes are not working properly. Contact us today.