Well we got a new website looks great hey?

The have put a blog page on the website so I have to start blogging, sound cool me Darren a blogger shit I fail English at school. So what do I say? They tell me just write about myself and Autorite Service Center.

So here I go —————- 20 mins later what do I say ————-

I started in the trade back in 1985 and have seen things change, am I am going to sound like one of those old guys NO NOT ME. I was working at a number of new car dealership when I purchased Autorite about 13 years ago, I was getting sick of having to treat the customers like a number get them in and out, not really caring, So here I am still running Autorite and with about 90% of all our work is repeat business, I think I am doing something right.

Well that’s my first blog, I am no author but over the years I will try to make some insights into the automotive world and Autorite Service Center for you to enjoy.

Darren the blogger

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